About me

Hello! My name is Victor Arias. I'm a Brazilian software engineer currently living Stockholm with my lovely wife Erika, a grumpy dog named Thor (an Akita Inu) and 3 cats (Odin, Sol, and Estrela). We also lived for a few years in London.

I started programming by creating a non-official Ultima Online server in C# so my friends and I could play that awesome game. Not long after that, I started working as a C# programmer as my first job. I also had some fun making websites with HTML and GIFs before that.

After some years I fell in love with Ruby. I still use a lot of Ruby since it is still an amazing language to get things done. I'm also using SQL, Python and Java for data-things (I'm also trying to refamiliarise myself with Scala again).

I'm currently focusing my career on data-related topics, from data engineering, machine learning, data science in general and helping companies using data to make well-informed decisions and gain insights.

I'm also a BSc Mathematics part-time student at The Open University.

You can find more details about my career on my LinkedIn profile. Feel free to get in touch regarding data related things.